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Eidosela ‘Eidosela’ Albarino 2012


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EIDOSELA ‘EIDOSELA’ ALBARINO 2012 (Rias Baixas, Spain)

$32.99 single Bottle, $31.34 by the six-pack or dozen

This wine is from the sub-region of Rias Baixas known as Condado de Tea. Bottled under screw-cap to ensure aromatic integrity this wine shows all the delicacy and beauty of pure Albarino.


Said to have been brought by the monks on their famous pilgrimage which ends in Santiago di Compostella, the Albarino grape is whispered to have descended from Alsace Pinot Blanc, German Rhine Riesling or Rhone Valley Viognier. Albarino can therefore have hints of pear, apple and apricot.


This stunning wine is all geraniums and juicy nashi pears, with a touch of spring meadow flowers and herbs, bound with limey/mineral acidity. It makes for a delicate, crisp and dry white.


The perfect match to shellfish and other simple nibbles or tapas.


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